Estonian Academy of Arts
Eesti Kunstiakadeemia (ARTUN)




Teaching staff:

Teaching languages:

Monthly studying and living cost:
Min. 400 € per month (moderate conditions)

Mission statement

Mission of the Estonian Academy of Arts is development of Estonian visual culture, preservation and renewal of its traditions. Vision Estonian Academy of Arts is a recognised study, creative, research and development centre, operating in Estonian and international educational and cultural space with openness and will for cooperation.

International role

Internationalisation includes the following activities:

  • Creation of an internationally competitive environment for study and creative activities.
  • Involvement of foreign teaching staff and experts in drafting and implementation of the curricula.
  • Active participation in international cooperation networks, associations and organisations such as KUNO, CUMULUS and CIRRUS, establishing new contacts, searching and creating new fields of activity.
  • Participation in international study, research and development programmes within the possibilities created and directions set in the European Union’s lifelong learning programme (2007–2013).
  • Encouraging students to participate in international student exchange supported by different national and international programmes. Guaranteeing competitive study and living environment to the exchange students studying in the EAA.
  • Maintaining and increasing professional and technical capacities of the teaching staff of EAA and supporting the learning of new teaching methods by encouraging international exchange of the teaching staff.
  • Supporting the teaching and administrative staff’s continuing education in foreign languages.
  • Development of international cooperation in the doctoral level.
  • Organisation of international conferences of research and/or creative activities in all research and creative activity fields of EAA.
  • Establishment of international foreign language curricula on the master’s level.
  • Establishment of joint curricula in cooperation with other universities in Estonia and abroad.
  • Employment of academic staff from abroad by announcing all academic job vacancies internationally and aiming at finding financial support for the above-mentioned activities.
  • Active distribution of relevant information concerning scholarship opportunities offered by the Republic of Estonia and other countries.
  • Using the possibilities of e-learning to support cross-border teaching and studing.

National role

  • Tallinn City: The EAA has signed cooperation agreement with Tallinn to participate in joint projects and other initiatives together.
  • Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn University, Tartu University, Estonian Business School, etc.
  • Estonian Art Museum and its branches
  • Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design
  • PÖFF Film Festival
  • Cooperation with Estonian Ministry of Education and Science, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonian Ministry of Culture
  • Embassies, cultural institutions, etc.
  • The EAA participates actively in development of Estonian design policy together with the Estonian Designers Association. 2006/07 was the Year of Design in Estonia
  • Enterprise Estonia
  • Over 20 production companies in Estonia in several fields (student traineeships, etc)

Main focus

Estonian Academy of Arts is the only institution in Estonia providing art, design-and architecture education at BA, MA and PhD level.

Faculties and departments

Faculty of Architecture:

  • Department of Architecture and City Planning
  • Chair of Urban Studies
  • Chair of City Planning
  • Chair of Spatial Architecture
  • Department of Interior Architecture

Faculty of Design

  • Department of Product Design
  • Department of Graphic Design
  • Department of Textile Design
  • Department of Fashion Design
  • Department of Jewelry and Blacksmithing
  • Department of Ceramics
  • Department of Glass Art
  • Department of Leather Art

Faculty of Fine Arts

  • Department of Painting
  • Department of Sculpture
  • Department of Animation
  • Department of New Media
  • Department of Scenography
  • Department of Photography
  • E-media Centre
  • Chair of Interdisciplinary Arts
  • Chair of Drawing
  • Chair of Composition and Color Studies

Faculty of Art Culture

  • Institute of Art History
  • Chair of Architectural History
  • Chair of Contemporary Art
  • Chair of Art Theory
  • Chair of Cultural History
  • Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation
  • Chair of Philosophy and History of Protection of Cultural Heritage
  • Chair of Material Conservation
  • Chair of Architectural Conservation
  • Department of Folk Art and Cultural Anthropology
  • Department of Art Pedagogy

Bachelor level programs

Faculty of Architecture:

  • Architecture and Urban Design (5-year programme)
  • Interior Architecture

Faculty of Design:

  • Jewellery and Blacksmithing
  • Ceramics
  • Glass Art
  • Fashion Design
  • Leather Design
  • Textile Design
  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design

Faculty of Fine Arts:

  • Fine arts (Graphic Art, Painting, Sculpture, Interdisciplinary arts)
  • Photography
  • Scenography
  • Animation

Faculty of Art and Culture

  • Art History
  • Cultural Heritage and Conservatio

Master level programs

MA programs in English:

  • Animation
  • Design & Engineering (joint programme with Tallinn Technical University)
  • Urban Studies

MA programs in Estonian:

Faculty of Architecture:

  • Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture

Faculty of Design:

  • Design and applied art (ceramics, glass art, fashion design, leather design, textile design, Jewellery and Blacksmithing)
  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Graphic Design

Faculty of Art and Culture:

  • Art History
  • Cultural Heritage and Conservation
  • Art Pedagogy

Faculty of Fine Arts:

  • Fine arts (Graphic Art, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Interdisciplinary Art, Photography, New Media)
  • Animation
  • Scenography

Research activity and main areas

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Art Culture

Doctorate level programs

  • PhD Architecture (4 years)
  • PhD Art History (4 years)
  • PhD Design (4 years)
  • PhD Cultural Heritage and Conservation (4 years)

Subject areas for exchange students

All above.

Teaching languages

All staff members have good command of English and groups are relatively small (5-15 students). There are three MA programmes in English:

  • Animation
  • Design and Engineering
  • Urban Studies

The official language of instruction for other study programmes is Estonian, however, foreign students are guided individually in English.

Head of institution:
Mr. Mart Kalm
Rector, Professor

Visiting address:
Estonia pst 7 EE-10143

Educational contacts:

Department of Academic Affairs: Helen Jürgens
+372 626 7305

Faculty of Architecture:
Anu Piirisild
+372 626 7327

Faculty of Design:
Maria Jürisson
+372 626 7113

Faculty of Fine Arts, MA:
Elisabeth Kuusik
+372 626 7386

Faculty of Fine Arts, BA:
Maria Mägar Coordinator
+372 626 7387

Faculty of Art Culture:
Kai Leinus
+372 626 7325

Semester dates:
01 Sep - 23 Dec
(autumn semester)
10 Jan - 31 May
(spring semester)

Application deadlines:
01 May for autumn semester and academic year 15 Oct for spring semester