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CV and portfolio in English.

11 Jan 2017

At Prezi we live and breathe visual communication. Our mission is bold: help two billion people make better decisions by empowering them to share ideas. We believe combining exceptional, elegant and simple design with brilliant engineering provides the foundation for world-changing innovation. Won’t you join us?

The challenge:

  • We’re building new products for teams whose businesses rely on compelling storytelling. This means solving unusual interaction design problems on diverse platforms: browsers, native apps and mobile. It also means taking on the giants in the presentation space: Microsoft, Google and Apple.
  • The Prezi medium is a truly unique hybrid of slides, infographics and cinema. Each component taken on its own is substantial. The way Prezi combines these visual communication modes opens doors to radical new ways to present and share ideas with motion, animation effects and scale.
  • Interaction designers lead comprehensive prototyping processes within cross-functional teams. Together with researchers, product managers and engineers you’ll explore a wide range of solutions quickly, get constant feedback from real users, and iterate. The result: presenters who feel creative, confident and understood; and audiences who feel focused, engaged and inspired.

Our design community:

  • A diverse group of experienced and accomplished interaction designers, graphic designers and presentation design experts.
  • Practice our craft in partnership with researchers, product managers, engineers, marketing and brand leaders.
  • Solve problems through experimentation, critique and collaboration.
  • Serve as design facilitators, always working to encourage design thinking and thoughtful design decisions across the company.

What we expect from you:

  • Deep empathy for customers. Each week you’ll be inspired by watching how customers behave with the things you help make. You’ll learn about their lives and their problems and let that knowledge influence your work.
  • Frame problems. We’ll expect you to partner with a UX researcher to define the challenge from multiple angles so your teams can explore ideas thoroughly.
  • Explore solutions. You’ll organize design studios, facilitate critiques and produce models from napkin sketch to digital Sketch and even higher fidelity.
  • Test and learn. With your team you will ship ideas early and often. When your ideas fail (and they will) you’ll understand what worked and what needs improvement. Each iteration will help you and your cross-functional team make better design decisions.
  • Polish the details. You’ll work with graphic designers and the brand team to ensure Prezi sets the standard for simplicity and beautiful product design.
  • Your resume tells a story of growth, risk-taking and accomplishment in your field. Portfolios are fine, stories are better.
  • BA or MA preferred with some focus on interaction design, human factors, psychology, graphic design, visual communication, or similar discipline.
  • Work primarily with teams in Budapest.

What you can expect from us:

  • Membership in a vibrant, supportive, challenging design community within Prezi in Budapest and very often with colleagues based in San Francisco. You’ll report directly to the Director of UX and Design within the Product group.
  • Dedicated to a cross-functional team focused on solving specific customer problems within a quarterly cycle. Teams ship every two weeks.
  • Occasional travel to San Francisco and conferences.
  • Competitive monthly salary, stock options and a clear promotion path.
  • Working hours are flexible because we often collaborate with colleagues in San Francisco.
  • Relocation services and support.
  • Free breakfast and lunch in our bistro.
  • Be yourself - we are proud to be colourful!

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Company size:
101-500 employees

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Company - Private

$1 to $5 million per year

San Francisco
United States


Information technology

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