Hellodesign Talent Award 2016 Winners

Architecture / Graduation Project

'House of Healing' Building Concept
by András Botos from BME

'After looking at the current situation of healthcare architecture, I’ve decided to design a house for cancer patients, which is different: instead of a crowded, dark place without comfort, it should be a welcoming, personal space, full of natural light and places to relax...'

Architecture / Semester Project

'Móló' Restaurant-Pavilion Concept
by Blanka Bató and Ferenc Banu from DE

'Our task was to redesign the 'Móló' restaurant at the centre of the IV. district. We designed a modular system that can be used by the public even when the restaurant is closed...'

Product Design / Graduation Project

by Vivien Szűcs from NYME

'As a diploma work I designed a game that can be both enjoyable and challenging for children and adults, who are visually challenged but also for those with healthy sight...'

Product Design / Semester Project

'Foodnook' Bird Table
by Anna Kapi from EKE

'My artwork is a modernised ecofriendly birdfeeder filled with sunflower seed. This is a D-I-Y product which you can create your individual foodnook for the hungry birds in your garden...'

Fashion Design / Graduation Project

Haute couture + Prét-á-Porter
by Nóra Wágner from METU

'In my diploma collection my aim was to combine Haute couture and the Prét-á-Porter. I wanted to make a collection where both of the concepts appear equally...'

Fashion Design / Semester Project

'Contact' Collection
by Borbála Györök from MOME

'This collection is a new form of communication between people. For the implementation of the design I used electric motors, fishing lines and got inspired by autism. I crafted these components into a nonverbal communication form...'

Graphic Design / Graduation Project

'Tale Trial' City Guide
by Fruzsina Fölföldi from MKE

''Tale Trail is a magical and mystical way to discover cities and towns. The aim of my degree project was to create a resource which enhances a tourist’s experience of a city. The guides bring to life the myths and legends that give a city its unique history and character...'

Graphic Design / Semester Project

Budapest World Design Capital Promotion
by Nóra Mészáros from KREA

'Held biennially, the World Design Capital is a city promotion project. It seeks to highlight the accomplishments of cities that are truly leveraging design as a tool to improve their social, cultural and economic life, throughout a yearlong programme of design-related events...'

Photography / Graduation Project

'Camera Locus' Photo Series
by Richárd Kiss from METU

'Nowadays people upload more than ten thousands pictures to the internet per minute. This means a huge load of pictures on it. In my bachelor thesis I deal with this phenomenom. My goal was to create a camera to reflect on this phenomenom...'

Photography / Semester Project

'ICE' Photo Series
by Dávid Huszár from EKE

'The main topic is the Terror activities. The photos contains details of some kind of terror activities. The ice symbolise the lasting feeling and memories what you get if you ever was a part of a terror activity (kidnapping for example). What once get frozen middle of the ice is will be there forever untill something is don't melt it out.'

Motion / Graduation Project

'Lupus & Lepus' Short Film
by Zsófia Vigh from EKE

'In certain situation, everybody loses his head. Lepus, the rabbit loses his head literally when he becomes the victim of an unfortunate hunt. The culprit, Lupus decides to tag along to help to find the missing body part, but his misfortunate nature is more trouble than help...'

Motion / Semester Project

'Zoom' Short Film
by Erika Tóth from METU

'How much do we realise the world? What happens if zoom in or move away from the medium of everyday life? The bigger controls the smaller one or inversely? How important part is human being in the universe? Is there a general organizing principle?...'

Media Design / Graduation Project

'WheelDroid' Accessible UI
by Péter Sárközi from MOME

'Accessible user interface design for Wheel Droid power wheelchair controller application based on the recommendations of WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), the requirements for wheelchair controllers and the android standards...'

Media Design / Semester Project

'Bandin' Musician Finder App
by Zsanett Vágó from EKE

'This is an app made for musicians and bands equally. The goal is to connect bands who need new members with musicians who are looking for bands...'

Audience Choice

'Bond Cloths' Photo Series
by Petra Püspök from METU

'My grandmother grew up in a farm, the first story - I display on my photos - I heard from her and this story was which started something in me, a process with a result I became curious as to whether other farms can be happen similar kind of problems...'

Institute of the Year

Visual Arts Institute
Eszterházy Károly University

The institute has two departments: Fine Arts Department and the Media and Design Department. The Institute is carried out in Digital Representation BA, Visual Representation BA and Graphic Design MA programmes. 

About Hellodesign Talent Award

Hellodesign Talent Award is intended for students in Hungarian architecture and design, who could enter with their graduation or semester projects. The jury consisted of renowned architecture and design professionals, who have chosen the best pieces from more than 140 nominated works in 7 categories, while the audience has also chosen their favourite one.

Hellodesign Talent Award opens up new opportunities for career-starters to show their talent. By winning the award they have the possibility to call the attention of their future clients and employers, while gaining invaluable Hungarian and international publicity.

Over 400 student projects have been publicised during the 4 years of this non-profit programme so far at Hellodesign’s web site, providing promotion for career-starting architect and designer students, as well as their training institutes.

Members of the jury:

  • Attila Auth, graphic artist, assistant professor, MKE
  • Attila Bárkányi, product designer, lead teacher, METU
  • Attila Cosovan, designer, associate professor, BCE
  • Bea Molnár, architect, interior designer, teacher, METU
  • Emília Anda, fashion designer, lead teacher, KREA
  • Éva Magyarósi, artist, animation director, teacher, MOME
  • Ferenc Kassai, graphic artist, assistant professor, NYME-AMI
  • János Polyák, designer, assistant professor, NYME-AMI
  • Judit Droppa, textile designer, professor, METU
  • Judit Z. Halmágyi, architect, teacher, METU
  • Lajos Csontó, artist, head of department, EKE-VMI
  • László Ördögh, graphic artist, teacher, MOME, KREA
  • Melinda Kiss, animaion artist, head of department, METU
  • Nándor Balvin, product designer, teacher, METU
  • Péter Pettendi Szabó, photographer, teacher, METU
  • Réka Harsányi, media designer, assistant professor, METU
  • Szabolcs Süli-Zakar, artist, assistant professor, EKE-VMI
  • Tamás Herczeg, architect, assistant professor, NYME-AMI

Partner institutes:

Program staff:

  • Krisztián Torma
  • Tímea Maróti
  • Zita Serdült
  • Zsuzsi Székely

A Hellodesign Talent Award tehetségkutatóról:

A Hellodesign Talent Award tehetségkutató díjra az építészet és iparművészet területén tanuló és végzős hallgatók nevezhettek projektjeikkel. A szakmai zsűri több, mint 140 pályaműből választotta ki a hét kategória legjobbjait, a közönség pedig a saját kedvencét.

Az év design intézménye címet az az iskola kapja, akinél a nevezettek és a díjra jelöltek aránya a legmagasabb.

A Hellodesign Talent Award új lehetőségeket jelent a pályakezdők számára tehetségük megmutatására. A versengésben elnyerik a leendő megbízók, munkaadók figyelmét, a díj megszerzésével pedig kimagasló hazai és jelentős nemzetközi ismertségre tesznek szert.

A nonprofit program eddigi négy évében több mint 400 projekt került bemutatásra a Hellodesign online felületein, promóciót biztosítva a pályakezdő iparművész és építész hallgatóknak valamint az őket képző intézeteknek.

A zsűri tagjai:

  • Anda Emília, divattervező, szakvezető tanár, KREA
  • Auth Attila, grafikusművész, egyetemi adjunktus, MKE
  • Bárkányi Attila, formatervező művész, szakvezető tanár, METU
  • Balvin Nándor, formatervező művész, tanár, METU
  • Csontó Lajos, képzőművész, tanszékvezető egyetemi docens, EKE-VMI
  • Cosovan Attila, tervezőművész, egyetemi docens, BCE
  • Droppa Judit, textiltervező művész, egyetemi tanár, METU
  • Harsányi Réka, média designer, egyetemi adjunktus, METU
  • Herczeg Tamás, építész, egyetemi adjunktus, NYME-AMI
  • Kassai Ferenc, grafikusművész, egyetemi adjunktus, NYME-AMI
  • Kiss Melinda, animációs tervezőművész, tanszékvezető egyetemi docens, METU
  • Magyarósi Éva, képzőművész, animációs rendező, tanár, MOME
  • Molnár Bea, építész/belsőépítész tervezőművész, tanár, METU
  • Ördögh László, tervezőgrafikus, tanár, MOME, MET, KREA
  • Pettendi Szabó Péter, fotográfus, tanár, METU
  • Polyák János, iparművész, egyetemi adjunktus, NYME-AMI
  • Süli-Zakar Szabolcs, képzőművész, egyetemi adjunktus, EKE-VMI
  • Z. Halmágyi Judit, építész, tanár, METU

A program partnerintézetei:

A program munkatársai:

  • Maróti Tímea
  • Serdült Zita
  • Székely Zsuzsi
  • Torma Krisztián